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Introducing the stunning Dark Green Amber Stone 0760, a unique and exquisite addition to any jewelry collection. This particular stone exudes a deep, rich green hue that is both captivating and elegant, making it a truly special and rare find. With its natural, unaltered beauty, this amber stone is perfect for incorporating into a one-of-a-kind piece of jewelry or as a standalone statement piece. Whether you're a fan of earthy tones or simply appreciate the beauty of natural gemstones, the Dark Green Amber Stone 0760 is sure to impress and enchant. Explore the possibilities of this remarkable gem and add a touch of timeless allure to your jewelry repertoire.


Material: Baltic amber

Weight: 39.1 grams

Color: green

Theme: gift idea

Size: 56 x 48 mm

Name: pendant for women

Code: 0760

Dark green amber stone 0760

SKU: 0760
€312.89 Regular Price
€219.03Sale Price


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